Your Guide to the Many Flavors of Quant Investing
All quant strategies use technology and formulas to automate the investment process, rather than rely on an investor’s savvy or a trader’s skills.

Hedge Funds Have a Performance Problem
Investors who dismiss hedge funds’ recent woes as an ordinary cyclical downturn are missing the larger and more worrisome picture.

Hedge Funds Are for Suckers
The age of the multibillionaire celebrity hedge fund manager may be drawing to a close, but the funds themselves can still serve a useful purpose for prudent investors looking to manage risk. However, let the industry’s recent underperformance serve as a reality check.

Attack of the Hedge Fund Clones
In the investment world there are two kinds of people — those who want to beat the market (hedge fund managers), and those who want to be the market (index fund managers). But what happens when an indexer wants to track the hedge fund market?

Hedge funds gripped by crisis of performance
Hedge funds have a performance problem. Since the turn of the decade, Wall Street’s master stock pickers have spectacularly failed to beat the market.

How Hedge Funds Transfer Wealth From Investors To Managers
Most hedge funds have morphed into aggressive, highly-leveraged, speculative vehicles that are desperately chasing returns to outperform their benchmarks, that make huge returns for the managers regardless of the fund’s performance and end up transferring wealth from investors to hedge fund managers.

5 tips from Hedge Fund Hall of Fame
What the amateur investor can learn from the pros.

A losing bet
While clients have made do with the crumbs, the managers are still dining well.

Not dead, just resting
A recent wave of fund closures, and the expectation that more will follow, suggest the industry’s era of stratospheric growth may be in the past.

Down to 1.4 and 17
The primary reason for the erosion of hedge fund fees is the lousy returns that “alternative assets” have brought.

Computer says no
Once money-spinners, “quant” hedge funds’ prized formulae have misfired since 2009, losing money in four of the past five years.

Rich managers, poor clients
Investors have paid too much for hedge-fund expertise. Better to focus on low costs than star fund managers.

Going nowhere fast
Hedge funds have had another lousy year, to cap a disappointing decade.

How Computers Trawl a Sea of Data for Stock Picks
In computerized investing, scientists and engineers with little formal financial training are trying to funnel massive computing power into predicting securities prices by drawing from clues in news and data.

Hedge Funds May Rebound and Spoil Buffett’s Bet
Six years ago, Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., made a $1 million bet with hedge-fund manager Protégé Partners that a simple stock-index fund would beat their handpicked stable of five funds of hedge funds over a decade. Then 2008 happened and the funds, though they declined, lived up to their names and trounced the market.

Funds of Hedge Funds Come With Heaps of Fees
Affluent investors looking to add hedge funds to their portfolios have a couple of ways to do it: They can invest directly in one or more of these private funds, or they can invest in funds of hedge funds, each of which offers multiple hedge funds in a single package.

‘Long-Only’ Funds Lose Their Hedge
On the heels of a multiyear market rally, a slew of hedge-fund firms are launching “long-only” funds betting that at least some stocks have further to climb. The moves come amid a brutal stretch for short bets against companies, traditionally a key strategy for hedge funds.

Converting From ‘Hedge’ to ‘Mutual’ Fund
Fund companies are introducing more and more mutual funds that use hedge-fund-like strategies. And some of these funds have what might seem to be extra street cred: They started out as hedge funds.

How to Look Under a Hedge Fund’s Hood
Now that hedge funds are allowed to advertise their wares in the marketplace, it will be important for investors to understand this sophisticated asset.

What Is a Hedge Fund, Anyway?
Ask 10 investors to define “hedge fund” and you’re likely to get 10 different answers.

Hedge-Like Funds More Correlated with Stocks
Many investors are attracted to hedge-like mutual funds and ETFs due to a lack of close correlations with stocks. But a new study suggests such alternative funds may now be moving more in tandem with stocks than they used to.

The Verdict Is In: Hedge Funds Aren’t Worth the Money
Hedge funds are increasingly available to the public via mutual funds that invest in hedge funds or follow hedge-fund-like strategies. If history is any guide, however, you will be better off investing in low-cost index funds.

Calling All Hedge-Fund Investors
Most hedge funds, or private investment vehicles that pool capital, haven’t been allowed to market themselves directly to the public in the U.S. for 80 years. The Securities and Exchange Commission is widely expected to lift the prohibition.

Build Your Own Hedge Fund
Hedge funds had a two-decade run as the investment of choice for wealthy investors. But lackluster performance since the financial crisis and high fees are prompting some investors to roll up their sleeves and build their own.

Hedge Funds’ Fading Star
Once seen as the Gods of finance, hedge-fund managers need to work much harder to convince clients they are worth their fees.

A hedge fund for you and me? The best move is to take a pass
While the hedge fund industry has generated fabulous wealth and created many fortunes, it has largely done so for itself.