In the previous post, we introduced the Alpholio™ app for Android. This post is the first one in a series covering the app’s services in more detail.

The Security Lookup service helps you find the security based on partial information. To access the service, start the app, open the navigation drawer and tap the Security Lookup item:

Alpholio™ App for Android - Services

This will open a new screen, on which you can enter search parameters. To expand and collapse the Security Type, Search In and Show Up To sections, simply tap on each section header:

Alpholio™ App for Android - Security Lookup Input

By default, the app searches for text “ama” in both tickers and security names of ETFs, mutual funds and stocks, presenting up to 20 results. To change the search text, tap the field in the Search For section and use the pop-up keyboard for editing. To select other search options, tap the corresponding radio button.

When you complete all inputs, tap the Look Up button. If you do not specify the text to search for, you will see a pop-up warning. Otherwise, all your settings will be saved on the device for subsequent use. Please note that to conduct a search, your device must be able to access the Internet.

After the app downloads and processes the search results, you should see the following screen:

Alpholio™ App for Android - Security Lookup Output

You can see the search text “ama” highlighted in tickers and security names. The search is not case sensitive, so “AMA” and “Ama” will match.

We have purposely designed this service not to conduct incremental searches (auto-completion) as you type in each letter of the search text or change a search setting. The reason is that your device may be using a mobile connection with a data cap, so it is important to limit data transfers, however small.

We hope that you will find this tool helpful in identifying securities to use in other services of the app. Give the app a try today:

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