It is our pleasure to announce the Alpholio™ app for Android. The app is currently in public beta and can be downloaded free of charge from

Android App on Google Play

When started for the first time, the app automatically registers you for a trial as an anonymous user. This way, your privacy is protected should you decide to stop using the app after a quick try.

Alpholio™ App for Android Trial Notice

You can use the app three times before it will ask you to register with an email address. You will need to select one of your email addresses known to Google Play Services on the device, such as your Gmail address. After this registration, you can use the app an unlimited number of times.

To access the app’s services, tap the “hamburger” menu icon Android Navigation Drawer Icon to the left of Alpholio™ logo, or swipe from the left edge of the screen:

Alpholio™ App for Android Welcome

This will open the navigation drawer:

Alpholio™ App for Android Services

Access any service by tapping a corresponding item in the drawer. We will describe each service in detail in subsequent posts.

You can access additional information about the app from the options menu. On older devices, press the Menu button; on newer ones, tap the overflow menu icon Android Overflow Menu Icon on the action bar:

Alpholio™ App for Android Options Menu

We welcome your feedback about the app — simply tap Settings followed by Contact Us in the Support section:

Alpholio™ App for Android Settings

Give the app a try today:

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